András Pórffy, because when I told him about the idea, he referred me to Peti Czakó and accompanied me to the Buddhist College when I went there for the first time,

Péter Czakó, because he also participated in the discussions with the representatives of the Buddhist Church,

László Mireisz and Csaba Kalmár (Dharma Gate), because they listened to what I was saying, liked the idea and then gave me the praying wheel of the College,

Tenzin Csögyal - teacher from Tibet of the Buddhist College, who was consecrated the prayer-wheel according to Tibetan ritual,

my business partner, Istvan Graf and the warriors of Glia (Heni, Kemi, Rita), because they didn't tell me what they thought - that this was absolutely nonsense - but helped me to create the informatics part of the praying wheel,

my friend Attila Srankó, who fell in love with the project, helped a lot, and found out, assembled - and especially brazed - everything he could,


my Dad who told my wife only behind my back, "A new idea again, eh?", while lathed and brazed everything that was needed to turn what should turn,

Zita Oláh and József Végh, who wrote the part on Om mani padme hung,

the unknown designer, who came up with the black background,

and of course thanks to all who clicked on it !

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